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WordPress Websites

Care and Maintenance

Why worry about your website when you could be doing ... anything else.

Supporting WordPress Since 2009

10 years setting up and managing WordPress websites has revealed three areas of support that website owners need most:

1) Technical Headaches

1) Technical Headaches

Someone else to manage the technical details, prevent, troubleshoot and resolve problems; and keep a close eye on things. Unexpected issues can become major time wasters.

2) A Go-To Person

2) A Go-To Person

A trusted advisor to guide you in decisions regarding your internet presence. A starting point for questions about your website, email, cloud storage, seo, as well as larger decisions

3) Delivering Your Message

3) Delivering Your Message

Advice on layout, effective copy writing, and getting found in Google Search results. Don't just make a website, make a powerful website that connects with your audience. Get help

Technical Details, Fully Managed For You


Website updates are frequent and important. They can cause headaches and a broken website. more


The fact that your site is being watched 24/7 allows you to stay focused on other things. more


Your website is very valuable to hackers. Avoid falling victim to malicious activity. more


The last line of defense against catastrophe is having a reliable backup system. more

What About Hosting?

How is this different than having my site hosted by a cheap $5/month web host?

What we typically refer to as hosting in the web world, is a far cry from hosting in the sense of caring for your guests.

First, let’s make a distinction between ‘Hosting’ and ‘Server Resources’. A server is just a computer whose only job is to store and display websites. Hosting from your typical five-dollar-host is little more than allocation of server resources. Basically, the minimum requirements for functioning. From there, you’re on your own. It’s the difference between a cozy bed-and-breakfast, where home cooked meals and fresh towels magically appear while you’re taking a stroll on the beach … versus a crowded backpacker hostel, with rows of bunks in a cold room with no windows. Can such an environment be considered ‘hosting’?

Cold Hostel  B&B Style Hosting

 (where would YOU prefer to stay?)



  • Are your contents safe and secured?
  • Is anyone watching over them while you’re away?
  • Is there any kind of insurance in case of disaster or theft?
  • Is there someone offering to pour you a gourmet coffee and reveal the secret spots only locals know, and help you plan your activities?

That’s hosting! More details about hosting options here. Now, what about everything else you need to run your organization?

More Business Essentials


Email shouldn't be on the same server as your website for a lot of reasons. But you can still have business email that's free, private AND ad-free!


Probably the most mysterious and misunderstood aspect of the internet, and changing all the time. But it doesn't need to be complicated.


Is your site getting visits? Are people finding what they need? If only you could watch visitors browse your site, like Big Brother. Actually, you can!

Content Services

Communicating your message or product offering with clarity and flow can be a challenge. Let's discuss copywriting services.

Don’t go it alone!

WordPress was supposed to be easy, right? Do-It-Yourself, they said. Getting lost down the rabbit hole of WordPress frustration is not what you signed up for! Why not let someone else take care of it all for you?

Pricing Plans

$45/monthThe Necessities
  • WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Website Health Monitoring
  • Premium Security
  • 80+ WordPress Tutorial Videos
  • Hosting Level - Standard Shared *
Business Add-Ons
InquireA La Carte Services
  • Free Email for 25 Mailboxes
  • Advanced Hosting Options
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Real-Time (Hourly) Backups
  • Copy Editing Services
  • SEO Programs
  • eCommerce/PCI Compliance
Add-On Support
+$30/blockTemporary Handholding
  • Network of Experts
  • Help With Your Theme
  • Help Choosing Plugins
  • Custom Video Tutorials


Standard Pricing is provided for the basic maintenance service, as well as very modest fee for ‘hand-holding’ while you get the hang of things. Beyond that, every organization’s needs are different. Let’s discuss your unique situation and come up with some ideas.

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