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A Note From The Founder

I have been working with WordPress since 2009. Although I do have a background in computer systems and programming, my focus for the last 15 years has been in marketing and business development. I started using WordPress as a simple way to get my own business consulting practice online. I've since helped build and launch websites in a diverse set of industries: film and television casting, ground and marine shipping, power tool parts, fitness and personal training, computer sales, construction, municipal politics, pest control, and others. Some I create myself, and for more complex requirements, I contract developers who live and breathe WordPress development.

In my experiences with business owners along the way, I came to realize that there is a disconnect between those tasked with making the internet - ie the developers  - and those who really needed to use the internet for their businesses - the website owners. I realized that no one on either side wanted to touch the technical hornet's nest of proper setup, configuration, security, and most importantly: ongoing maintenance and updates.

For large corporations, there are IT departments that quietly and thanklessly handle all these details behind the scenes (if all is running smoothly, they're invisible.) But for small business owners, the reality is, while WordPress empowers non-technical users to add and change website content like text and images, the technical details of hosting and maintenance often become a nightmare.

I decided it made sense to take on that component myself. This freed up my clients to work in their businesses, and the developers to stay focused on solving problems, designing, and writing code.  So, it was out of necessity that I have hired teams and created systems, processes, and tools to protect, monitor, and update all of the websites in my purview.

And now it makes sense to open the service up to WordPress website owners outside of my own client base. With the rise and risk of internet security issues like hacked websites, stolen data, etc., the need for proper website maintenance is a necessity. I can work directly with website owners or developers to setup and secure the server host environment for a new or existing WordPress website, and continue to maintain the site on an ongoing basis.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jeff Sararas
Founder, WP Maintained Hosting